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    3RD SPELLING #13.pdf
    Words Ending in -ck, k, -ke ck - lick, k - look, -ke - cake ck - lick, k - look, -ke - cake ck - lick, k - look, -ke - cake. List A - Houghton Mifflin Words. List B. List C. 1. lick.
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    o o
    What did the 9irl look "ke that saved the bear cubs? ll How old was she? ll How many bear Cubs were the「(…玨l ll How many hunters were there and what do .
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    sm" |lII矗|'"|蠶IIII
    in Order to look "ke. Someone Or Somethinq else. Comedia n a person Whose job iS to make people |au9h by te"inq jokes perform t0 entertain an audience.
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    When these ohairs are "ned up side by side薰 they look "ke a sin9le extrusion of ohaer. seat and a baokrest are held between side frames that are 26mm in.


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