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    Une école maternelle à Longxing - SinOptic
    2010年10月26日 . La présence de M. l'ambassadeur Blaise GODET, qui accomplit sa . Ouverte en 1998, l'École maternelle de Longxing comptait avant la .
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    7_ Longxing Wei
    Longxing Wei. Montclair State University. This paper studies intrasentential codeswitching (ICS) in terms of the nature and activity of the bilingual mental lexicon.
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    A Schistosomiasis Model with Mating Structure
    Correspondence should be addressed to Longxing Qi; [email protected] Received 10 July 2013; Accepted 20 August 2013. Academic Editor: Mark McKibben.
  • longxing qui at
    A Delayed Barbour's Two-Host Model for . - IEEE Xplore
    A Delayed Barbour's Two-Host Model for. Schistosomiasis. Longxing Qi. School of Mathematics and. Computer Science. Nanjing Normal University. Nanjing .
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    Longxing Kindergarten - Site snapshot - November 10, 2009 - SinOptic
    10 Nov 2009 . Cull'edefal'ull www. SWISS COMMUNITY PROJECT U. LONGXING KINDERGARTEN. [virtuarchHÉÉ. SITE SNAPSHOT 03, 2009.11.10.
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    Mathematical Model of Schistosomiasis under Flood in Anhui Province
    1 Feb 2014 . Longxing Qi,1 Jing-an Cui,2 Tingting Huang,1 Fengli Ye,3 and Longzhi Jiang4 . Correspondence should be addressed to Longxing Qi; .
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    Opening Ceremony for Longxing Township Kindergarten . - SinOptic
    3 Sep 2010 . LongXing Nursery was founded in 1998, the original area is 500 square . to mark its place after future development phases of Longxing Town.


  • Longxing Wei
    Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ United States




  • Longxing Su
    Longxing Su, Sun Yat-Sen University, school of physics, China, Solid State Physics,Materials Science and Materials Physics.
  • Longxing Qi
    Longxing Qi, York University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Canada, Parasitology, Zoology, Immunology and Applied Mathematics.
  • Longxing Hu
    Longxing Hu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan Botanical Institute, China.
  • Longxing Tan
    Longxing Tan, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics , Department of Automotive Engineering, China.
  • Longxing Wei
    Longxing Wei, Montclair State University, Department of Linguistics, United States, Psycholinguistics and Pragmatics.
  • Longxing Tao
    Longxing Tao, China National Rice Research Institute, Rice technology research center, China, Agricultural Philosophy and Plant Fertilization,



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