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  • longlong at
    Longlong, Lamtang Rd., La Trinidad Benguet .
    Longlong, Lamtang Rd., La Trinidad Benguet Telephone : (+63) 74 - 4231637. Cellphone : (+63) 936 - 9727913. (+63) 929 - 1207459.
  • long longlong at
    A Portable C Function Call Interface - Technische Universität Wien
    schar short int long longlong uchar ushort uint ulong ulonglong ptr float double longdouble void func. Note that this declaration can be created auto- matically out .
  • longlong li at
    Slides - The Intelligent Modelling & Analysis
    29 Jan 2013 . Dr Chuan ZHOU; Dr Hang QIU; Dr LongLong Li. • Continue to bid for new research funding. – EU, EPSRC, PhDs. • Publications: UPDATE WEB .
  • long longlong at
    UPC - The Ohio State University
    11 May 2014 . TYPE can be int, long, longlong, float, double. • Conditional - Compare and Swap Operation. • Arithmetic – Fetch & Add, Fetch & Increment, Add .
  • longlong lo at
    Cortland NY Standard 1874-1876 -
    drew lone long—long—lo-ng breath, and. Ihcn-fwhislleJ! Thwl shut my ayes and scratched ray head. In times of grate do- incstie lioubic il is very consoling to .
  • long longlong at
    B.3.1 char, short, int, long, longlong, float, double. 86. B.3.2 dim3.88. B.4 Built-in .
  • longlong li at
    Number Theory and Physics
    Du Longlong, Li Mingfu, Jiang Hong. Experimental Techniques and Elements. Combined Liquid Waveguide Method: Determination of Re- fractive Index Profile .
  • long longlong at
    OpenSHMEM Tutorial (PDF) - University of Houston
    TYPE = int, long, longlong, short. □ Fence (data transfer sync.) □ Ensures ordering of outgoing write (put) operations to a single PE. □ void shmem_fence().
  • longlong lo at
    NSC NEWSLETTER - Newark Ski Club - Homestead
    2 Jan 2007 . Known for its long, long, lo-o-ong steady-pitched jet-fueled groomers (perfect for raising. World Cuppers like Picabo Street), its lack of crowds, .
  • longlong lo at
    Impact caches et SIMD - LRI
    __asm__ __volatile__ ("rdtsc" : "=a"(lo), "=d"(hi) : : "memory" ); unsigned long long that = (unsigned long long)((lo)|. (unsigned long long)(hi)}.


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  • Longlong Wong
    風沙之中追追趕趕彼此熱烈在歌唱HA HOO HA 不識擔憂摔跤飲酒彼此面上盡歡暢HA HOO HA 奔奔跑跑沙丘上馬壯牛強威威風風馬背上胸襟開朗我高聲歡呼我是熱 ...
  • Longlong Xin
    2:23. Play next; Play now. 舞hime - It's only the fairly tale - Duration: 2:23. by yamibo. 349,111 views; 8 years ago. 5:06. Play next; Play now. Devotion My prayer ...



  • Longlong Shu
    Longlong Shu, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Department of Electronic Science and Technology, United States, Materials Science and Solid State
  • Longlong Wang
    National Institute of Education , Singapore. Jennifer Yeo. National Institute of Education , Singapore. Shallu Sansanwal. National Institute of Education
  • Longlong Xia
    Nitrogen Removal Capacity of the River Network in a High Nitrogen Loading Region · Yongqiang Zhao, Yongqiu Xia, Chaopu Ti, Jun Shan, Bolun Li,
  • Longlong Hou
    Adam Tairab. Beijing Normal University. Zhou Da. Beijing Normal University. Browse more researchers.
  • Longlong Tian
    Longlong Tian, Lanzhou University, Radiochemical and Nuclear Institute for Environmental Studies, China, Chemical Kinetics, Green Chemistry
  • Longlong Fan
    Longlong Fan, University of Science and Technology, Beijing, Department of Metallurgy, China, Materials Physics.
  • Longlong Chang
    Longlong Chang, University of Southern California, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, United States, Aeronautical
  • Longlong Tang
    Longlong Tang, Tokyo City University, Division of Environmental and Information Studies, Japan, Environmental Engineering.
  • Longlong Gou
    Longlong Gou, Northwest University, Department of Geology, China, Geochemistry and Petrology.
  • Longlong Ji
    Longlong Ji, NJTECH, Chemistry, China, Inorganic Chemistry.


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