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    Herzberg Long Tones
    Herzberg Long Tones. By Kristin Wolfe Jensen. Perform these exercises with a tuner and a metronome set at Quarter Note = 60. The goal is to play each note .
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    Long-Tones For Saxophone - Randy Hunter Jazz
    Long-Tones for Saxophone. After warming up with scales or patterns, use a tuner to check your pitch on the following notes. Adjust your mouthpiece to a position .
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    Tuba Remington Long Tones
    Tuba Remington Long Tones. Eaton. Adante J: 80. &> V0 __/ VII. 17 m C. ¢||| dill. ¢|||. Er. ¢r|| mm. a b; “5. IN STRUCTIONS: -When doing this warmup, relax and .
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    Section III: Long Tones & Lip Slurs - Webs
    III - 2. Long Tones. The first part of the daily routine for the entire band is made up of long tones on unison pitches and chords. It's a pretty good idea to do some .


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