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    Slides - Cornell University
    CPU-bound jobs: Long CPU bursts. •. I/O-bound: Short CPU bursts. •. I/O burst = process idle, switch to another “for free”. Matrix multiply emacs emacs .
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    Chapter 5: CPU Scheduling
    . more time doing I/O than computations, many short CPU bursts. ✦ CPU-bound process – spends more time doing computations; few very long CPU bursts .
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    CPU Scheduling - CS Course Webpages
    Problem: How to determine length of next CPU burst?! • Problem: Starvation of jobs with long CPU bursts. CPU short jobs long jobs determine location in queue.
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    Week 5 - Department of Computer Science
    CPU-bound: very long CPU bursts, infrequent I/O bursts. • I/O-bound: short CPU bursts, frequent (long). I/O bursts. • During I/O bursts, CPU is not needed.
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    CPU SCHEDULING - University of Pennsylvania
    each timer interrupt (penalized for long CPU usage). ❑ bottom queue is standard Round Robin. ❑ process in a given queue are not scheduled until all higher .
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    CPU Scheduling
    I/O burst. Typically, there are many short CPU bursts and a few long ones. CPU- bound processes tend to have long CPU bursts while interactive processes.


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