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    AUSTRALIAN MUSEU~1:. - Australian Museum
    'l'axidla!tt•r t n r·mthlc ! . In 'il'\' of the inroads m:vle on the bn•eding grouncJ,. of onr loc tl in~ct faun!l by . a/Ill !lol'/.:s (Mr. T. Hodgc:' Smith in chargr). Ovt•r ~fjO NJWI'iml'n~ 11rrr n·~isten•d . XD llU·:I . :1> . Joumol nf. <'onclwlogy. 'Ok x 1 "'' t. J Of. 8'U, London, l!11!
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    It l - Chronicling America
    wl be reelred from 7 t'.lok A. . untl. 2 . .1•]lA•-ai t 15 har,.d nigh, toua buld, black loge, wite spot in hor forebhead. heavy mnane aod . iloheoft of Ivooo;l therefore, lolo ieoolod, That from and fter 11, pobllooolooof this relulo- tlon the . xd, e,+-. +,,•,,,, e ,y,+rna. T. lC. hllrlljlm[ ._ i,. o. ,fit __. W ANiTED- I'+•+R+'I+. •', ,.I,+• S.•.
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    October 2014
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