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    Pre-Columbian land-use history in Costa Rica: a 3000-year record .
    the ends (Horn and Ramírez, 1990), because the other morpho- logies of Ficus are indistinguishable from other diporate Urticales. The pollen of . In Janzen,.
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    nest architecture - School of Life Sciences
    bees (Janzen, 1971; Michener, 2000; Cameron et al., 1999; Ramírez and Cameron, in press). As is true of most Fervidobombus (Cameron and Williams, 2003) .
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    publication - Wythe Lab
    et al., 1994; Kuhn et al., 1995; Logie and Stewart, 1995), gene expression . chromosomal engineering (Ramirez-Solis et al., 1995; Su et al., 2000; van der .
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    Imported new world cutaneous leishmaniasis in a traveller from .
    Acta Derm Venerol 2010; 90: 418–419. 23. Ramírez JR, Agudelo S, Muskus C et al. Diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis in colombia: the sampling site within .
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    Les populations animales - IRD
    Schoener et Janzen (1968) ont étudié la taille des insectes dans . Agaenidés (Ramirez, 1969). . logies dans la pollinisation par les insectes (Janzen, 1967a,.
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    Crayfish process leaf litter in tropical streams even when . - CSIC
    in fresh rainforest tree leaves (Janzen 1974). Thus, in post- cyclone . Rosemond, A. D., Pringle, C. M., and Ramirez, A. (1998). . logie 22, 1835–1841. Usio, N.
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    HP ScanJet Copy
    Startcd in ]utc 705, fuzzy logie controllers . to implemenl fuzzy logie using both digilal and analog hardware . [16] J. Ramirez-Angule, “Building bloeks f0r fuzzy.


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