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    CSC 258 Lab 3 - CDF
    The figure below shows a very simple single-bus CPU. In this lab you are to construct and test a 1-bit slice of this CPU. decoding. IR. Z. R0. R1. Logic ONE. ALU.
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    ECE 85L Digital Logic Design Laboratory Fresno State, Lyles .
    Laboratory 3 – GATES AND STATIC GATE CHARACTERISTICS. 1. . TTL uses positive logic (a logic ONE is represented as a HIGH voltage; a logic ZERO is.
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    EEE 3342 - ECE Division - University of Central Florida
    5 Jan 2001 . Open drinks and food are not allowed near the lab benches. 4. Report . University property must not be taken from the laboratory. 7. Do not .
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    LAB 766 - Decoding NRZ Data - Teledyne LeCroy
    logic one and logic zero values. Traditional oscilloscopes can capture and view these wave- forms but do not have the capa- bility to decode waveforms into.


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