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  • kuan hung chen at
    PDF (144 KB) - IOPscience
    Far-Infrared Resonance in Split Ring Resonators. A-Chuan HSU. 1;2;Г, Yi-Kai CHENG. 1;2, Kuan-Hung CHEN. 1;2, Jyh-Long CHERN. 1;2, Shich-Chuan WU. 3,.
  • kuan hung chen at
    The Galvanic Corrosion between Anodized 6061 Aluminum Plate .
    The Galvanic Corrosion between Anodized 6061 Aluminum Plate and. C1100 Copper Plate Couple. Liu Ho Chiu. 1,a. , Kuan Hung Chen. 1,b. , Chi Ying Tsai.
  • kuan hung chen at
    A Spurious-Power Suppression Technique for . - IEEE Xplore
    Multimedia/DSP Applications. Kuan-Hung Chen, Member, IEEE, and Yuan-Sun Chu, Member, IEEE. Abstract—This paper presents the design exploration and .
  • kuan hung chen at
    Controlled Heterogeneous Nucleation and Growth of Germanium .
    31 May 2011 . Quantum Dots on Nanopatterned Silicon Dioxide and Silicon. Nitride Substrates. Kuan-Hung Chen,. †. Chung-Yen Chien,. †. Wei-Ting Lai,. †.
  • kuan hung liu at
    Protein Sequence Alignment: A Review - World Applied .
    [8] Zne-jung Lee, Chou-Yuan Lee, Huei-Lung Yu, Kuan-Hung Liu, and Shun-Feng Su, “An Intelligent System for Multiple Sequences. Alignment. [9] T. F. Smith .
  • kuan hung chen at
    Download Chapter (339 KB) - Springer
    Modified Control-Response Ratio for Move and Rotation. Operations on a Large Multi-touch Interface. Wenzhi Chen, Chun-Wen Chen, and Kuan-Hung Chen.
  • kuan hung liu at
    (V) ” AL
    9 Nov 2006 . Kuan-Hung Liu, Padeh City. Publication Classi?cation. (TW); Ming-Wei Huang, Padeh. (51) Int CL. City (TW). G09G 3/36. (2006.01). (52) US.
  • kuan hung lin at
    boosting object retrieval by estimating pseudo
    BOOSTING OBJECT RETRIEVAL BY ESTIMATING PSEUDO-OBJECTS. Kuan-Hung Lin. 1. , Kuan-Ting Chen. 1. , Winston H. Hsu. 1. , Chun-Jen Lee. 2.
  • kuan hung chen at
    Evaluating the Elastic Modulus of Lightweight Aggregate
    1. Evaluating the Elastic Modulus of Lightweight Aggregate. How-Ji Chen, Tsong Yen, and Kuan-Hung Chen. How-Ji Chen is an associate professor of Civil .
  • kuan hung liu at
    Acknowledgement. 中研院原分所. Dr. Mei-Yin Chou. 周美吟. Dr Ching-Ming Wei 魏金明. Dr. Ching-Ming Wei 魏金明. 台大物理所. Kuan-Hung Liu 劉冠宏 .


  • Kuan-Hung Chen
    University of Hawaii at, Manoa Honolulu, HI United States


  • Kuan Hung Lin
    Kuan Hung Lin added 1 video to music 2 years ago ... Kuan Hung Lin
  • Kuan Hung Lu
    Hi, 這是我第一次錄製電影的配樂,過程挺新鮮有趣的但因影片版權問題+上許多朋友們的關心與熱情詢問 所以,我將自己的原版錄音檔分享給大家噢~ 希望你們 ...



  • Kuan-Yu Hung
    Kuan-Yu Hung, National Taiwan University, Department of Internal Medicine , Taiwan, Nephrology.
  • Kuan-Hung Lin
    Kuan-Hung Lin, Chinese Culture University, Graduate Institute of Biotechnology / Horticulture and Biotechnology Department, Taiwan, Horticulture
  • Kuan Hung Ho
    Kuan Hung Ho, National University of Singapore, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Singapore, Materials Engineering and
  • Kuan-Hung Lin
    Kuan-Hung Lin, National Taiwan University, Department of Life Science, Taiwan, Cell Biology.


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