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    HII Regions - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    . BPT diagram. Part of fig. 18.7 in Draine's book. 4 . e, the cooling rate Λ is (see Draine 27.3.3): Λce = ∑X ∑i n(X, i)∑ jkT σv. = Γ(3 + γ). Γ(2 + γ).
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    Atomic regions
    Low frequency, hν/kT Draine. Chapter 9. E.g., we measure the (op2cal) spectrum of a star and see absorp2on lines.
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    (Draine Chap 35;;Clarke & Carswell Chaps 1-4) . T thermal vel of electrons). ∴ l mfp. = 1/n e πr2 eff. ~ (kT)2/n e e4 l mfp. ~ m e. 2v. T. 4/n e e4. For T = 104K,.
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    errata 1
    19 Aug 2011 . errata˙p1 2013.4.30.814 c 2012,2013 B.T.Draine. Physics of the Interstellar . T = 100 K T = 5000 K T = 100 K T = 5000 K. Ion l u. (K). (K). ( µm).
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    ISM- Phases The ISM • Book on the subject Bruce Draine ' Physics .
    104>kT>104.5k Hydrogen. • At lower temperatures fine structure and molecular lines lines dominate. Cooling curve as a function of kT and metallicity-for gas.
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    Lecture 2 (27 March, 2014) - The National Centre for Radio .
    hν/kT. ○ Thermodynamic equilibrium: MaxwellBoltzmann velocity distribution . Velocity distribution : f(v) = (m/2kT)1/2 e mv. 2 . (e.g. Draine 2011). The ISM is .
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    kT e−E/kT. dE. kT πμ. 0 k k. If the density is high e g in the Earth's atmosphere. If the density is high, e.g., in the . Figure from Draine's book b: impact parameter;.
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    Notes 8
    From thermal motion, elements have velocity component in j direction. → 'communication' between streamlines. Thermal velocity ~ √kT/m. Consider elements .


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    Susan Draine, Indiana Wesleyan University, School of Nursing, United States, Medical Science Nursing.


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