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    Sotheby's Russian Art New York | 22 abr 2009, 10:00 AM | N08538
    ALEXANDER MENSHIKOV, LATE 19TH CENTURY depicting Peter the Great, Ivan Mazepa, and Alexander Menshikov, with cut steel embellishments. 44 x 49 in .
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    Tuber or Not Tuber - Russian Life
    Admiral (and Count) Alexander Menshikov, one of the sharpest tongues in high society, excoriated Kiselyov, saying his potato reforms would further ruin the .
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    Winter Palace_St-Petersburg_e -
    in the Palace of Alexander Menshikov and in the General Staff Building in the Palace. Square. The Winter Palace, the official residence of Russian emperors, .
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    25/12/09 1 -
    of war under the supervision of Alexander Menshikov and later became the centre of Saint Petersburg Governorate. Peter moved the capital from Moscow to .
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    Ceramics in the Architecture of St. Petersburg
    artistically significant buildings of the period is the palace built by Alexander Menshikov, who was a close confidant of the Tsar. The style of this building reflects .


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    Menshikov family
    Nikolai (1790-1863) - Fligel'- Adjutant [no descendants] Alexander Menshikov fought in the Battle of 1812, became a Fligel'- Adjutant in 1817. Retired in 1824.
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    An Unsuspected Bust of Alexander Menshikov - jstor
    Bust of Alexander Menshikov, 1703-4. Red pine,. H. (with socle) 78.4 cm. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wrightsman Fund, 1996 (1996.7). 162. Eo dFpj, 3, ?s,.
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    Alexander Menshikov - Encyclopedia - The Free Dictionary
    Alexander Menshikov definition of Alexander Menshikov in the Free Online Encyclopedia.
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    Alexander Menshikov (@AlexMenshikov) | Twitter
    The latest Tweets from Alexander Menshikov (@AlexMenshikov): "10 самых часто встречающихся заблуждений и мифов о буддизме"
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    Alexander Menshikov - Songs | Most Popular
    Alexander Menshikov albums, lyrics, biography, pictures, comments and more.
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    Menshikov Palace - Lonely Planet
    The first stone building in the city, the Menshikov Palace was built to the grandiose tastes of Prince Alexander Menshikov, Peter the Great's...
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    The Menshikov Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia
    Alexander Menshikov (1673-1729) was a good friend and companion of Peter the Great. He came from a very humble background, but was quickly promoted by ...